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Content Rules
We do not allow content that:

• helps users deceive others.
Examples : Producing fake or false documents such as passports, diplomas, or accreditation; sale or distribution of term papers, academic paper writing services or exam taking; information or products for passing drug tests
• promotes any form of hacking or cracking and/or provides users with instructions, equipment, or software that tampers with or provides unauthorized access to devices, software, servers, or website.
Examples : Pages or products that allow illegal access to cell phones and other communication systems or devices or content delivery; products or services that circumvent copyright protection, including circumvention of digital rights management technologies; products that illegally interfere with cable or satellite signals to obtain free services; pages that help or enable users to download streaming videos if prohibited by the content provider
• enables a user, or promotes products and services that enable a user, to follow or monitor another person or their activities without this person's consent.

Examples : Spyware and technology used for spying on a spouse or partner including, but not limited to, spyware/malware that allows a user to monitor another's texts, phone calls, or browsing history person; GPS trackers sold specifically to monitor or follow a person without their consent; promoting surveillance equipment (eg cameras, audio recorders, dash cams, nanny cams) sold for the express purpose of surveillance
This does not include (a) private investigation services or (b) products or services designed for parents to track or monitor their minor children.

Harmful or unwanted software

We do not allow content that:

• contains harmful software or "malware" that can damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer, device, or network.
Examples : Computer viruses, ransomware, worms, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware, rogue security software, and other

harmful programs or apps

• violates Google's Unwanted Software Policy 

Examples : Not being transparent about the functionality provided by the software or fully detailing the implications of installing the software; failure to enter the Terms of Service or End User License Agreement; bundling software or applications without the user's knowledge; making changes to the system without the user's consent; making it difficult for users to disable or uninstall the software; improper use of publicly
available Google APIs when interacting with Google services or products

Sexually explicit content

We do not allow content that:

• contains graphic sexual text, images, audio, video, or games.

Examples : Sexual activities such as genital, anal, and oral sex; masturbation; cartoon porn or hentai; graphic nudity

• contains forced sexual themes, genuine or not.

Examples : Rape, sex with relatives, animals, or the dead, snuff, lolita or pornography involving a teenager, dating a minor

Paid sexual activities

We do not allow content that:

• may be considered promoting sexual activity for a fee.

Examples : Prostitution; companionships and escort services; intimate massage; cuddling sites; paid dating or sexual arrangements where one involved is expected to provide money, gifts, financial support, tutoring, or other significant benefits to another involved such as "Sugar" dating.

Mail order brides

We do not allow content that:

• making it easier to marry a foreigner.
Examples : Mail-order brides, international marriage brokers, romance tours

Adult themes in family content

We do not allow content that:

• is made to appear appropriate for a family audience but contains adult themes, including sex, violence, or other depictions of children or popular children's characters that are not appropriate for a general audience.

Child sexual abuse and exploitation

We do not allow content that:

• Sexually exploits or abuses children or content that promotes the sexual exploitation or abuse of children. This includes all material that depicts child sexual abuse.
• Harmful to children. including, but not limited to:
• 'Grooming a child' (for example, befriending a child online in order to conduct, either online or offline, sexual contact and/or exchange of sexual imagery with that child);
• 'Sextortion' (for example, threatening or blackmailing a child by using real or alleged access to sensitive images of the child);
• Sexualization of minors (for example, content that depicts, encourages, or promotes the sexual abuse or exploitation of children); and
• Child trafficking (for example, advertising or recruiting a child for commercial sexual exploitation).
We will take appropriate action, which may include reporting to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and disabling accounts. If you believe a child is in danger or experiencing abuse, exploitation, or trafficking, contact the police immediately. If you are concerned that a child is or has been at risk in connection with our products, you can report the behavior to Google .

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